Using EnsureVisible() to scroll down to the bottom of a ListView

You can easily programatically scroll to the bottom of a ListView using the EnsureVisible() method. This method takes 1 parameter – the index of the ListViewItem that you want to ensure visibility for. The trick to keep the ListView scrolled down is to use the EnsureVisible() method every time a new item is added to the list, and pass that item’s index as a parameter. So by passing the parameter of the last item in the list view to this method, the ListView always stays scrolled down to the bottom:

myListView.EnsureVisible(lstMonitor.Items.Count - 1);

This is one way, however if you’re planning to scroll down every time a new item is added to the list, you can use a method which has the same name – EnsureVisible() – but this time it belongs to ListViewItem rather than ListView:


In this case you don’t need to pass any parameters because it automatically scrolls to the specified ListViewItem.

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