What is Geekpedia’s goal?
This website is design for the IT enthusiast, and especially programmers. The scope of this site is to form a community of IT specialists, from various domains (programming, hardware, graphics) and build different projects, like software, games or books.

How can I join?
Anyone can join this community, all they have to do is become a member/author. As a member you can post your own programming tutorials, source code and different articles.

Note: Member access is currently on hold due to massive spam.

What type of projects are made?
The projects usually are programming related, but you can also use categories like software or hardware (you can write books or guides about a subject concerning that category).

I have an idea about a project…
You can make it possible posting your idea using the special form. You must be a registered member.

How will people join my project?
Every project will have it’s own page on this site, and anyone interested can join it. You can accept or reject a specific person to join.

The project is finished… now what?
The project will be made public on the first page on Geekpedia. The project can be published under different licenses, and that is your decision. The only thing we ask you is specify somewhere in your project that it was done in the Geekpedia community.

The email addresses are odd…
The website uses a special method to display email addresses, so that spam bots can’t find them listed. Therefore your email address won’t be found by spam bots. The email address isn’t displayed as “[email protected]”, instead the @ is replaced by ‘at’ and ‘.’ by dot… this way spam bots won’t find anything matching “!@!.!” because the email address is displayed “user at domain dot com”.
Additional to this, Geekpedia uses another method for “mailto:” that protects your email address against spam.

My question isn’t listed…
Ask it here.

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