Sending emails using C#

A sample code on how to send emails with .NET Framework 2.0 using C#. The code authenticates to a SMTP server and then sends an email to multiple recipients. It can easily be used in ASP.NET 2.0 websites.

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  1. using System.Net.Mail;
  2. System.Net.NetworkCredential crdSupport = new System.Net.NetworkCredential("[email protected]""passwordHere");
  3. SmtpClient smtpConfirmation = new SmtpClient("", 25);
  4. smtpConfirmation.UseDefaultCredentials = true;
  5. smtpConfirmation.Credentials = crdSupport;
  6. mmConfirmation = new MailMessage();
  7. mmConfirmation.From = new MailAddress("support@geekpedia""Geekpedia Support");
  8. mmConfirmation.To.Add("[email protected]");
  9. mmConfirmation.To.Add("[email protected]");        
  10. mmConfirmation.Subject = "Message subject goes here";
  11. mmConfirmation.Body = "Message body goes here";
  12. smtpConfirmation.Send(mmConfirmation);
  13. // For a tutorial on doing this with ASP.NET 1.1 see

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