See Films in VS .Net Background

This article answers the question: Can I program in and also see my favorites films in background?

Before telling you to how see the films, you should see that how you can change the
background color of VS .Net Environment.

follow this:

Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Fonts and Colors

and then in the right, in the “Display Items” Select “Text” and then below
“Item Background” press “Custom…” or select your color in the Combo Box.

with “Custom…” button you can use any color you want as your background.

Now you can change the background color to (16,0,16)
that means: Red = 16, Green = 0, Blue = 16;

after that open Media Player (don’t minimize it), and switch to,
you see that your playing video, appears under your code 😀

Have good programming with your videos.

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