Pass values and retrieve response from Command Prompt

Pass values and retrieve response from Command Prompt
This C# application starts a new Command Prompt process, passes a command to it and retrieves the response from the command prompt without every displaying the window.
1.  //using System.Diagnostics;
2.  //using System.IO;
4.  // Start cmd.exe and pass the "ipconfig /all" command to it
5.  ProcessStartInfo psiOpt = new ProcessStartInfo(@"cmd.exe", @"/C ipconfig /all");
6.  // We don't want to show the Command Prompt window and we want the output redirected
7.  psiOpt.WindowStyle = ProcessWindowStyle.Hidden;
8.  psiOpt.RedirectStandardOutput = true;
9.  psiOpt.UseShellExecute = false;
10. psiOpt.CreateNoWindow = true;
11. // Create the actual process object
12. Process procCommand = Process.Start(psiOpt);
13. // Receives the output of the Command Prompt
14. StreamReader srIncoming = procCommand.StandardOutput;
15. // Show the result
16. MessageBox.Show(srIncoming.ReadToEnd());
17. // Close the process
18. procCommand.WaitForExit();

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