Earning money on the Internet

This article will help you get a few details on how to cash your computer skills, instead of wasting them. A few useful resources for making money as a designer or developer will be pointed out.

Many common new internet geeks often ask the question: “Ok, we have the skills, now how do we use
them to make those skills put food on the table”. Most people leave this field thinking it has no scope.

Many PHP experts end up washing plates in restaurants, or having troubles in finding jobs. The Internet
has increased its importance during the last few years, everything from large money transfers to the buying and selling of NFL tickets has been made easy thanks to the Internet. Every day thousands of websites are being registered. But the question is “if thousands of sites are being registered than why computer geeks are having trouble making money?” Well, the answer is simple, and they need to Google for it.

Most people think of earning money on the Internet as answering to some survey sites and have affiliation with different websites and all that stuff that’s easy in practice, yet made difficult in presentation. It is not the only way to earn money on the Internet. You can run your home just by knowing only about surfing and posting on forums. As there is a new trend on the site business nowadays which is the forum site, easy and cheap solution thanks to open source projects like phpBB and cheap forum script providers like IPB and everybody’s favourite vBulletin. Most of the new sites are just installing forums, needing people to post content. The competition among forums is high, forum sites would even pay you if you agree to post at their forum, in different proportions, like some people would pay you per post, and others would offer you their services for free like providing hosting packages.

The demand of graphic designers has increased. Everybody wants to have beautiful logos and layout
for their website. With so many websites on the web, there is a tremendous amount of job opportunities, especially online. Site owners with less knowledge of graphic designing will pay to make you design the layout of their website. Designing a banner starts from $5 and goes as much as $1,000. For developers, especially PHP developers, there are many opportunities to make money. Webmasters ask developers to code there site, and they usually pay from $100 to $5,000. The least you need, is to have a PayPal account for transfers to take place.

You can also take place in number of contests and win prize money, there are many sites on the
Internet which arrange contests, such as www.oman3d.com -an Oman based site which tries to promote graphic designing abilities of graphic designers. You can find many contests there. There’s another site:
http://www.internetinc.com/, which will pay you if you design a community site for
them. Also you can find many contests on SitePoint: http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=219.

Search on the Internet and you will find plenty.

There are many websites at which people post bids to hire graphic designers and developers: GetAFreelance is one of those sites. You can find many categories from PHP development jobs
to data entry, and you can also find many other online jobs available for computer geeks out there. Digital Point is a forum where people post small amount of work. You can also find jobs on SitePoint’s “Looking to hire” forum. The Coding Forum is another example.

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