UK Bans iPhone 3G Advertisement

An ad by Apple showing off the iPhone 3G to the UK market was banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) after it has received complaints about the ad being misleading. The ad shows the iPhone performing a series of tasks in 30 seconds, including browsing the web, reading emails and using Google Maps.

The commercial displayed the text “Network performance will vary by location” and later added that the performance claims are “relative and not absolute,” but ASA still pulled the ad off the air. went as far as recording their own version of the ad, and timing how long it takes the iPhone 3G to perform the same tasks: a total of two minutes and 21 seconds.

The first generation iPhone also had a campaign that was deemed to be misleading for claiming it will give access to the entire Internet, when in fact websites based on Flash and Java applets were unavailable.

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