Java as a useful Platform

A brief introduction of Java for getting ready to start programming with Java.

Everyone of us has a special purpose of our programming and the most important thing is findind the right tool to gain the purpose. Till now, there have been different programming platforms delivered to the programming world. Some of them have general usage and some other are being used for special usages.

Microsoft and it’s products are known as some dolls; People pray them so that there
is no difference between Operating System and Microsoft Windows in my country. Somehow this case also is going on in other countries. Because of this, Microsoft Programming IDEs can attracts the most of the programming beginners. So, Microsoft have been able to get many developers for it’s Microsoft Visual Stadio 98 and Microsoft Visual Studio.NET.

I joined the programming world by QBasic. Then I continued with Pascal,C, C++, VB 6 and C#. But none of them could make me joyful of having a perfect tool for programming in every branch of Informaton Technology except Java Technology.

Java joined the programming world in 1995 and James Gosling and his team in Sun Micro Systems showed a simpled, powerful and capable programming language and till now there have been lots of progresses in Java Technology. So that you can the “Java Technology” expression even on your cell phone box. Now there are thousands of Java programmers in different subjects of IT in Huge and small companies. Great projects implementing by Java in great companies such as IBM, Nokia, Siemens,Redhat, Novell , HP,…and even Microsoft, can proves the fantastic abalities of Java Technology.

Remember that 31% of VB 6.0 programmers have joined Java! Thus in order to get a better place in technology let’s follow the true technology, not a product. Don’t think of Java as “just another programming language”.

In the next article we are going to start programming with Java .

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