Immuta Unveils Immuta Discover for Automated Metadata Management

Immuta Unveils Immuta Discover

In a significant development for cloud data management, Immuta has rolled out its latest product, Immuta Discover. This tool is specifically designed to automate the tagging and classification of data across cloud platforms, thereby ensuring that metadata remains accurate and up-to-date. Accurate metadata is not just a convenience—it’s a necessity for robust data access control, vigilant monitoring, and strict adherence to regulatory compliance standards. Immuta Discover’s automation capabilities represent a leap forward in reducing the manual effort traditionally associated with metadata management.

Integration with Enterprise Data Catalogs

One of the standout features of Immuta Discover is its ability to integrate with popular enterprise data catalogs, such as Alation. This means that it can leverage existing metadata frameworks to enhance the discovery and classification of structured data within cloud environments. By tapping into these catalogs, Immuta Discover can provide a more comprehensive view of an organization’s data landscape, facilitating better data governance and security practices.

Enhancing Data Security and Visibility

Immuta Discover is a critical component of the Immuta Data Security Platform, which is designed to simplify complex manual processes related to data management. By enhancing data security and providing greater visibility into where and how data is stored and used, Immuta Discover enables organizations to not only protect their data but also to derive more value from it. The tool’s capabilities are essential for creating detailed data protection policies and for conducting in-depth analyses of data usage patterns.

Addressing the Challenges of Data Discovery

The increasing volume and complexity of data sources and user access points present significant challenges for organizations. Immuta Discover is engineered to tackle these challenges head-on by providing an efficient means for data teams to scan, classify, and tag data. This process is vital for setting up data control policies and for monitoring data access, which in turn helps to enhance overall data security.

Customizable Data Classification

Recognizing that each organization has unique data security needs, Immuta Discover offers over 60 pre-built classifiers that can be customized to fit specific requirements. This level of customization allows organizations to define their data classifications with precision, ensuring that the data security measures they implement are as effective as possible and tailored to their particular operational context.

A Foundation for Data Security and Compliance

Mo Plassnig, Chief Product Officer at Immuta, underscores the importance of Immuta Discover in the broader context of data security and compliance. He notes that understanding and accurately classifying data is the first essential step toward protecting an organization’s data assets. In today’s rapidly evolving digital environment, maintaining a reliable inventory of sensitive data across cloud platforms is more critical than ever. Immuta Discover is positioned as a solution that helps organizations stay ahead of the curve in meeting the growing demands for data security and access control.

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