Calculate age from birth date

Calculate age from birth date
A PHP function to calculate the age of a person by passing in their birth date in standard format.
// Calculate the age from a given birth date
// Example: GetAge("1986-06-18");
function GetAge($Birthdate)

        // Explode the date into meaningful variables
        list($BirthYear,$BirthMonth,$BirthDay) = explode ("-", $Birthdate);
        // Find the differences
        $YearDiff = date("Y") - $BirthYear;
        $MonthDiff = date("m") - $BirthMonth;
        $DayDiff = date("d") - $BirthDay;
        // If the birthday has not occured this year
        if ($DayDiff < 0 || $MonthDiff < 0)
        return $YearDiff;

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