iFrame Basics

iFrame Basics
A short and easy tutorial on how to use iFrames.

What Are iFrames? iFrames allow you to basically put a table on your site and within that table it will load another page. This is very useful if you are running an HTML site and you don’t feel like adding an affiliate button to like 10 pages.

Now, how do we do these iFrames? It is very simple.

Look at this sample code :

<iframe src="page.html" width="250" height="250"></iframe>

To start an iframe, type

<iframe src=" "

Between the ” ” is where you will put the name of the page you want to load up in the frame. width and height can be expressed in pixels (ex. “250”) or in percent (ex. “100%”). Now we end this with a > and then we add </iframe>

Now with this you can do many interesting things with your site, forum, or whatever you will use this for.

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