Microsoft’s Origami revealed

Microsoft's Origami revealed

You don’t have to wait until March 2nd to find out what Origami is, afterall.

Digital Kitchen, a company which apparently created a video for the new Microsoft Origami project, posted it on their portfolio website at

To get to the video and form an idea over what Origami is about, enter their website (a popup will show up), then click “enter” again from inside the popup. Click the first link at the top “WORK”, then “BRANDTHEATRE”, and first on the list is Microsoft Origami.

Play the video, and you will see the new Origami gadget that’s about to be released.

Microsoft’s statement on this video:

“While Origami is a concept we’ve been working on with partners, please know that the video seen on Digital Kitchen’s Web site is a year old and represents our initial exploration into this form factor, including possible uses and scenarios.”

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