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CompUSA Acquired by TigerDirect

CompUSA Acquired by TigerDirect

On Thursday, January 10th 2008 at 01:54 AM
By Andrew Pociu (View Profile)
CompUSA and TigerDirectEver since the end of 2007, CompUSA was scheduled to close all its stores and shut down operations, all ending in a fire sale meant to clear the shelves. However, a new deal early this year saved 16 CompUSA from closing. The well known computer retailer, TigerDirect, is acquiring select assets and 16 retail stores from CompUSA for $30 million which will keep the existing CompUSA stores open but under new management.

The name of the existing CompUSA stores will not be changed, quite the contrary, the existing TigerDirect stores will be renamed to CompUSA, which is considered a more powerful brand. The TigerDirect brand will continue to live as an online superstore at

Aside from computer hardware, in the newly acquired stores a full range of HDTVs and other consumer electronics will be introduced. The CEO of TigerDirect was highly optimistic about the acquisition and claimed that "TigerDirect knows how to do customer service. You're going to see a completely new CompUSA."
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Comment Current Comments
by John on Tuesday, February 5th 2008 at 12:44 AM

"The CEO of TigerDirect was highly optimistic about the acquisition and claimed that "TigerDirect knows how to do customer service."
I am totally surprised by that quote, Tiger Direct doesnt do good customer service, totally the opposite. i been hung up in the phone , ignored in the store when asking about a TV, I think they are changing its name from Tiger Direct to CompUsa to clean its cannibal customer service. its not their fault , its the monkeys that they employ at the stores. hope they fired them and get real people and return those lowlife chimps to the jungle.

by richie on Saturday, January 17th 2009 at 04:09 PM

You`re right on, John. Systemax is going to have
to do more than change Tiger`s name to clean that joint out.
But on the other hand, what`s the chance of
Tiger`s people draging down Comp`s biz, name or
no name?

by Cooper on Thursday, January 19th 2012 at 06:12 AM

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