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Building a C# Chat Client and Server

Building a C# Chat Client and ServerA step by step tutorial teaching you how to create your own chat client and chat server easily in C#, for local networks or the Internet.

in C# Programming Tutorials

Getting Hard Drive Information

Getting Hard Drive InformationA C# tutorial showing you how to make use of WMI to extract information on disk drives, such as model, capacity, sectors and serial number.

in C# Programming Tutorials

UPS Shipping Calculator

UPS Shipping CalculatorThis tutorial will teach you how to calculate the shipping cost based on the weight, height, length and depth of the box, the distance and the UPS service type.

in PHP Programming Tutorials

Create Your Own Rich Text Editor

Create Your Own Rich Text EditorCreating a Rich Text Editor using JavaScript is easier to do than you might think, thanks to the support of modern browsers; this tutorial will walk you through it.

in JavaScript Programming Tutorials
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Vonage And The V-Portal

Vonage And The V-Portal

Since Vonage is still alive after countless lawsuits and 6 years of VOIP, we're looking at how well their service that continues to replace all classic landlines, performs.

On Saturday, August 2nd 2008 at 02:55 PM by Andrew Pociu
Dell PowerEdge T105 Server

Dell PowerEdge T105 Server

A look at the most affordable series of servers offered by Dell. What they pack in the base price and how they perform.

On Friday, May 30th 2008 at 02:13 PM by Andrew Pociu
Samsung SGH-A437

Samsung SGH-A437

A look at one of the best selling phones from AT&T, the affordable, ultra-thin Samsung A437 cell phone and the three colors that it comes in.

On Tuesday, May 27th 2008 at 01:43 AM by Andrew Pociu
(3 review articles in 1 pages)

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