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How to get all logical drives on a system?

On Wednesday, July 14th 2004 at 12:00 AM
By Andrew Pociu (View Profile)
*****   (Rated 4.6 with 9 votes)
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By calling a static method from System.Environment called GetLogicalDrives(). This returns a string array that you can easily iterate.
Suppose you have a ListBox and a button:

private void btnPopulate_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
   // Store in a string array
   string[] drives = Environment.GetLogicalDrives();
   // Loop into the string array
   foreach(string strDrive in drives)
      // Add items (drives) to the list
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by Arvind Kumar on Monday, November 21st 2005 at 05:27 PM

Good and very useful for me, Thank You

by shakeel on Wednesday, September 12th 2007 at 05:06 AM

Great stuff, <a href=\"\">Shakeel</A>

by on Saturday, October 20th 2007 at 05:43 PM

saved me some time getting it to work myself.

by Kannan on Friday, December 14th 2007 at 11:38 AM

Very useful. Thanks.

by rabih ayoub on Wednesday, January 9th 2008 at 05:53 AM

how to get logical drive on the client side using

by venkat on Thursday, March 20th 2008 at 01:51 AM

hi rabih ayoub.
i want same u..
how to get the all drives of the client system.
if u got that send me..

by Srizzler on Wednesday, March 4th 2009 at 08:03 PM

Hi Guys:

Can anyone tell me how to get network folders/mapped drives thru C#. Environment.GetLogicalDrives will only get Machine's Local Drives.

Please help me out.

Thanks in Advance.

by AyrA on Monday, June 8th 2009 at 01:02 AM

Iterate trough a String "" with .ToCharArray() in a foreach loop. Then simply try with the new System.IO.DriveInfo(letter) if the Drive exists

by Wasiqs on Friday, October 2nd 2009 at 10:31 AM

simpliest way: DriveInfo.GetDrives()

by gopal on Saturday, March 13th 2010 at 01:21 AM

it's very useful
Thanks dude

by Yanela Somdaka on Monday, August 30th 2010 at 07:24 AM

DriveInfo[] drives = DriveInfo.GetDrives();

foreach (DriveInfo strDrive in drives)

by Matjeka Chaole on Friday, September 10th 2010 at 09:57 AM

Thanks guys. This helped a lot.

by silverfall on Tuesday, December 28th 2010 at 12:57 AM

Thanks a lot. This is exactly what I wanted.
Pretty simple and straight forward!
Thanks again for the short and sweet code!

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